We wished each reader to understand that this is not the end, for it has become the beginning.  There will be another sculpture and it will be shared here, and perhaps some more words in retrospect.  This project has evolved and continues, and has grown larger than the small experiment we imagined.  We will be adding more pictures, and editing the site further, and to it all we will add the next chapter, and the next..For now others are involved, and other lives have been touched..bringing their energies to this landscape.  Stay in touch, and be patient with us as we parse our thoughts.  It will be soon.

Day 50

It is love that gathers me, taken from the wind, settled on familiar places, growing in my mind and heart.

I am fed, I am watered, I am gathered, I am restored, I am filled and planted and moved.

This is the end of the beginning, and my thoughts have lifted me, and I have ridden them here and have been placed in this moment, clearly and simply. It is as it should be, frozen now, and captured.

Day 49

I do not fear the cold wind blowing on my face, nor the sun upon my back, nor the whispered words that seek me

My time is coming now, and oceans separate me from my past, which plagues me no more

And I have found the time to claim my destiny, to wring the good out of the bad, to stand my watch upon the cold hard ground. It is my time.

Day 48

Evolving, growing, becoming, linking, believing, abiding and understanding, fruit picked along the pathway

Taken in by truth, altered in direction, assimilated into abstraction, these are the signposts

Watered, fed, nurtured, cared..choices bringing me closer to myself. Hands that shed the time, hands that held onto mine, pulling me into gathered places

Day 47

Here I am again, swimming with the clouds, upended and turned around, blissful in the abstract.

It is my song again, that theme which has repeated throughout my life, weaving its way through each movement.

Harmony and action, ascendancy is given to them both, to share the moments of my life together.

Day 46

Free to live, free to remain, free to depart, free to taste the world and find the spark within it.

Light speaking, life working, all the matchless workings of a heart set free, now given, now received, lived in earnest

Connected now, through the hollows and shifts of color, ravenous time belayed, and arching tops of beaconed hills pointing my way. This is what I imagined.

Day 45

And again I say let them have their way with me, the controllers, let it be done, for when it is over, I will remain.

I slide through, and let the watchmen watch, but engage, and feel everything, even the pain.

So now, times have changed and flipped like a card, a new day that comes with an explosion of dawn, and we sail on together.

Day 44

Fracture me, until all essentials flow out of me

No rest, but curtains of glass reveal the truth inside

Plummeting river, cascading down below, finding its way into the silence. Change running swiftly, new moon dance, given and received and shared with all who dare to chance.

Day 43

I remember you, the way we walked together, seeing your glow by the moon, a ghostly image still remaining

I sought it not, but it came to me anyway, a grim reminder of days that have passed away

Remind me again, of the way I held my life, of the way I turned its pages, of the way I moved among its words.

Day 42

I chose light today, and let it flood into my spaces, filling my memories and dancing in my mind.

Trust came and spoke to me, and we agreed together, to walk in harmony

And the space that remains between us I see filling with life, making room for love, which only needs an invitation to reside

Day 41

Take me where you will, I am already free, above the earth, the sky, the sea

Remember me when I am gone, listen to the wind echo my song

Like it was before, the harvest spices mingle with the rain’s soft chorus, wrapping us all in a blanket that never ceases to embrace

Day 40

I carry my gift in the clay that I am, and must be broken to release it

Where pride and anger cease, that is my resting ground

Alive not just to feel, but to do and to be and to leave the squandering and foolishness behind, filling my place in the world

Day 39

That which I treasure is held in reserve, ready for that day.

And I will flow along, my heart beating in time to my footsteps, choices reminding me of who I am

And so it remains, that I will continue, uninterrupted save the storms, unimpeded but for stops of wonder along the way

Day 38

My fortune lies not in gold or silver, but in all that I have learned and understood, and in the embrace of friends, the smile of a child.

I have no fortress save my imagination, and steadily, steadily it lingers on with me, guiding me in all that I do.

Wait for me and I will come to you, and we will ride the long trail together, harnessed with love and understanding, peace and joy will be our food, and greatfulness our reward.



Day 37

Cherish me grace, cherish me patience, that I might yet walk in the beauty of knowing you.

Surrendering to the process, as the clay is worked, and the hammers of life beat all about me.

Restore again what the lions have eaten, that prey that was so long ago, now given, now received in ecstasy.

Day 36

As the wind whispers its promise, so my soul rejoices in you.

I have been to the highest heights, and seen the fertile valleys below, rich with the bounty my heart desires.

The grey dawn brings with it the seeds of a new day, and I will delight in the sunshine and the breeze, and embrace the morning as a shelter for my hopes.

Day 35

I am digging the wells begun in my youth, when my strength and my effort were fresh.

I am pouring foundations of my second life, awake and aware and emboldened.

Bind me not, draw me not away from my chances, from my portents of joy, from my warm silver notions of life.

Day 34

Brother, lend me your hand, and with one mind walk with me, painting the words of the divine.

Give me promise, give me strength, give me all the colors of the earth and sky, and reason with me here for a while.

Alas, the truth that never dies, the words that never lie, the fair calm winds upon me, all keep me in my purpose.

Day 33

I threw myself at the road, and the road received me.

I set a bonfire for my thoughts, and from it poured the best of myself.

Now satisfaction, now sentiment, now cherished, now gathered in with the harvest of all the plantings of my heart, the table beckons.

Day 32

I am the road, that traces itself in the deep forests of the night.

I am the firefly, which rides upon the silken waves of the evening sky.

I am the tree, which throws its branches into the air and stretches its leafy fingers toward heaven. I am.

Day 31

I am music, I am the bird that flies, I am the triple horn that plays in the eastern skies

I am song, I carry all my words along, I am simple, I am complex, I am crystallized catharsis with a life of duress

And take me, with minor keys and instruments, float me along, fill me and know me and play…play then, play what really matters..with me and for me. Selah

Day 30

A rose bloomed in my hand today, a touch of life that set me free

No cold touch have I, but the warm and welcome grasp of a friend, covering me in a blanket of Autumn leaves

Will the road define me or will I define the road?  I trek ever onward, filled with uproar and sublimity, exultation and despair, rancor and rumination, all of them present with me now.

Day 29

I walk with you, though you do not see me or feel me, my heart is connected to yours

Friendship is the cord that connects me to you, and it keeps me alive

Though I wander, though I falter, though my energies may fail, I walk on

Day 28

Hope, building in me, vast and promising, soaring, elation mixed with glory, finding every avenue of expression

Purple sage pressed together, releasing all the fragrance of my dreams

A bend in the road is not forgotten, but places me in the center of my path, connected to the unseen, guiding me forward

Day 27

Wash me again, by the forest and the sea, remember my love dearly

Take me to the highest point, return my ashes to the ground

In freedom will I sing again, of youth and love and all of my affections, fought for, longed after and restored again

Day 26

The moon whispered to me, and taught my heart a new song of love, finding my way out of the gloom

I walk with lighted candle, on a path of words created from the heart’s cry

Draw me forward with the wind, in simple steps and quiet hopes

Day 25

Make room for me, in the places that I dream of

Prepare me again, sing love to me, and let me walk in simplicity

My heart is no longer my own, but shared with humanity, my voice blending with theirs in perfect song

Day 24

Bend me, break me, celebrate the me that is

I am drawn by the colors of the dawn, and all of the lights that play across my world

I am gathered with them, folded into them…freed with them, these lights that walk with me in silence..

Day 23

Cover me spirit, that is where I long to go, where wonders await my questioning soul

An open hand reveals the treasure I have been given, not lost, but found amidst the pages of my life

Climbing ever onward, guided by the hand in the midst which releases me not

An artistic collaboration