One thought on “Day 25”

  1. In the places you dream in, walking toward simplicity as I sculpt my walls away, love songs brought out from your words, finding a line piercing through my heart, our humanity singing out, and the birds taking flight, waves are crashing.. sculpting your first piece again and finished it just a little while go. Yesterday I was frustrated with its form as the sun shown on it in my studio, so I brought it up to Coyote Peek and sculpted for hours until the rain came in. While I was sculpting the raven of the peak flew by. Her black wings and the sound they made, gliding in the wind, music all around. I found your piece thinking of you and our friendship. The sculpture no longer has a face and I’ve also sculpted away the swirls and unfinished thoughts bringing out forms in our nature, and creating a song of you! I’ll send you pictures tomorrow. I also re sculpted the lovers, drawing out a line between them and piercing their heart.

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